How do Senior Care Communities and other Healthcare Businesses use Branded Promotional Products, Premium Gifts and Apparel/Uniforms?


• Welcome Gifts 
Provide new residents with move-in gifts. These gifts would be of a higher value and be both useful and welcoming. Most popular are blankets, beach towels, robes, and tote bags.  Some less expensive but practical branded products to offer include calendars, tumblers, hot and cold bead packs, magnifiers and so much more!.  
• Name Badge Programs
We have a program to save you the time ordering ID badges every time you onboard an employee, or the employee loses their badge. No longer will your staff member have to deal with the time-consuming chore of ordering one badge here and one badge there. This will save time and also not to have to pay small invoices every time you need to order one or 2 name badges. You order the total quantity once. Take what you need initially. When you need additional badges, you only provide the name and title (if applicable). Senior Care Promotions will take care of the rest.
 Provide Staff Uniforms
Senior living communities rely on a variety of employees, including nurses, front desk staff, marketing and executive personnel, drivers, maintenance personnel, cooks and more.  Are your employees are required to wear logoed uniforms?  These uniforms can be as simple as Polo shirts and Khaki pants. We can set up uniform programs for ongoing orders, saving your staff much time. We can even design custom uniforms for your company. It’s easier than you think!
• Staff Gifts, Awards and Rewards
Management wants to minimize employee turn-over, keep staff engaged and motivated. One way they seek to accomplish that is through employee gifting. The range can be from giving everyone a specific gift, or a recognition program with higher value gifts based on a certain level of achievement.

• Years of Service Awards recognize each employee for their specific tenure.  Many companies now start at one year, then, 3 to 5 years, and 5 year increments.
• Special In-House and Community Events
Staff and family members of residents at senior living communities sometimes participate in walks and similar fundraisers to support the fight against alzheimer’s, dementia and other diseases that may afflict seniors. Provide participants with team shirts and other products: water bottles, wristbands, towels and caps to name a few.

 Support your Marketing Team:

1. Basic Marketing
Brochures and branded promotional products can be given to prospective residents, families and referral sources,who are interested in placing their loved one in an Independent Living, Assisted Living or Memory Care Community. Everything from tumblers to umbrellas has been a hit.
2. Leave Behinds
Staff visiting potential referral sources is an excellent time to give a special branded promotional product. We can help you find the right gift(s) that you can leave behind and be your silent sales person.
3. Trade Show Events and small shows
Most of the branded marketing products used for the Senior Shows in the community are under $2.  We have several under $1.  In addition, tote bags are an excellent product to use, especially when you can get the visitors to carry YOUR bag instead of another.  Ask us how!
4. Company Stores
When you are working with several facilities and offices, Company Stores give you the ability to control your marketing system. With a Company Store, you are able to monitor the product purchase, including budget, images, artwork, product choice and more!  See our Company Store information at
• PPE: Personal Protective Equipment

Stock and custom masks, gloves, gowns, hand sanitizers, antibacterial products, and other necessary supplies and equipment.
Senior Care Promotions/Tropical Promotions has many years of experience in every aspect of Marketing, Awareness and Employee Engagement. Let’s discuss how one or more of these possibilities can help your community, business or organization.

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